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About Space…

April 24, 2012 1 comment

I’ve had an initial stab at encoding the RCC8 spatial relations as an ontology. This is probably actually more RCC6 as I collapsed the TPP/NTPP and TPPi/NTPPi relations down to simpler properties. The ontology here is an extension of the spatial relations ontology I wrote for work. I’ve tried to capture as many property compositions as possible using OWL. Here is an example including the data for Hampshire to show some of the reasoning in action. As with the Allen Interval algebra ontology this is not a complete axiomatisation of the RCC8 relationships (not possible in OWL), but hopefully has some use. Again feedback appreciated…

Introducing RAGLD

December 21, 2011 1 comment

RAGLD (Rapid Assembly of Geo-centred Linked Data) is a project looking at the development of a software component library to support the Rapid Assembly of Geo-centred Linked Data applications

The advent of new standards and initiatives for data publication in the context of the World Wide Web (in particular the move to linked data formats) has resulted in the availability of rich sources of information about the changing economic, geographic and socio-cultural landscape of the United Kingdom, and many other countries around the world. In order to exploit the latent potential of these linked data assets, we need to provide access to tools and technologies that enable data consumers to easily select, filter, manipulate, visualize, transform and communicate data in ways that are suited to specific decision-making processes.In this project, we will enable organizations to press maximum value from the UK’s growing portfolio of linked data assets. In particular, we will develop a suite of software components that enables diverse organizations to rapidly assemble ‘goal-oriented’ linked data applications and data processing pipelines in order to enhance their awareness and understanding of the UK’s geographic, economic and socio-cultural landscape.A specific goal for the project will be to support comparative and multi-perspective region-based analysis of UK linked data assets (this refers to an ability to manipulate data with respect to various geographic region overlays), and as part of this activity we will incorporate the results of recent experimental efforts which seek to extend the kind of geo-centred regional overlays that can be used for both analytic and navigational purposes. The technical outcomes of this project will lead to significant improvements in our ability to exploit large-scale linked datasets for the purposes of strategic decision-making.RAGLD is a collaboative research initiative between the Ordnance Survey, Seme4 Ltd and the University of Southampton, and is funded in part by the Technology Strategy Board‘s “Harnessing Large and Diverse Sources of Data” programme. Commencing October 2011, the project runs for 18 months.

If you’d like to input into the requirements phase of the project I’d be very grateful if you could fill in one of these questionnaires. Many thanks in advance.

Making things with Ordnance Survey Linked Data…

November 3, 2011 7 comments

Following the example of “Making things with BBC data” I thought I’d ask the same question for Ordnance Survey linked data. Please leave a comment if you’ve used Ordnance Survey linked data for anything from a quick hack, full blown project or if you even just link to it in your data. Thanks!




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