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Web 3.0 and Social Networks

January 25, 2009 7 comments
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It is probably fair to say that FOAF is where the social web meets the semantic web. FOAF, which has been around for a while now, basically creates a machine readable graph of the sort of information you might include on sites like facebook, myspace etc. Your FOAF file can include links to people you know, your interests and other personal information. It is probably also fair to say that FOAF files were, until now, the sole property of the geek. However, this has changed, and a number of social networking sites such as livejournal, and friend feed build FOAF files from your profile information (are there others?). At least now you don’t need to know how to edit RDF in order to have your own FOAF file. Despite that, these profiles are limited by the features offered on the respective sites.

Recently though QDOS launched a new service that makes FOAF profiles extremely easy to build. This service allows uses to create a FOAF profile generated from information contained in your, livejournal and flickr profiles as well as importing existing FOAF files. You are then given the option to manually enter other information. Furthmore, you can create a public and private view of your FOAF file. I would not recommend including information like your address, phone number or date of birth in a public FOAF file.  So what are you waiting for – go building yourself a FOAF file and join the linked data web.  My FOAF profile can be found here (my original one is maintained here).

For any linked data geeks one other interesting thing about the QDOS FOAF builder is that it has started linking music data from to the new music linked data service from the BBC. Hopefully this will be just the beginning and we’ll see links to other linked data services from DBpedia, geonames and Ordnance Survey.

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