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The Guardian Open Platform and Data Store

March 10, 2009 1 comment

Today the Guardian launched their Open Platform. According to their website “The Open Platform is the suite of services that make it possible for our partners to build applications with the Guardian.” The Open Platform contains two products: The Content API and the Data Store. The content API provides a REST (-ish apparently) mechanism to query a vast amount of documents and content from the Guardian. The Data Store is “a collection of important and high quality data sets curated by Guardian journalists”. This is all very cool!

Currently the Data Store provides a large number of datasets on subjects as diverse as military spending, carbon emissions and university rankings. Currently the data is provided as spreadsheets that have been uploaded to Google Docs allowing easy access. Again all very cool.

This work will obviously result in a lot of cool applications and mash-ups. However, the semantic web geek in me can’t help this that mash-ups are so last week :) It seems obvious (?) that the next step for the Guardian Data Store is to provide the data in RDF and host it in as linked data. These datasets would be a fantastic addition to the linked data web, allowing mesh-ups where the data from various linked data sources can be fused in different ways.

Time to convince the Guardian that this is the next logical step for this, already great, piece of work.

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