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Standard Model Ontology

June 22, 2011 4 comments

A few years back me and my friend Robert Stevens discussed the how ‘cool’ it would be to create an ontology for elementary particles and the standard model. We didn’t really proceed too far with this, however one recent rainy weekend I decided to give it some more thought. This [1] was the result – it is still far from complete and very much a work in progress. Interestingly the ontology does use a lot of the features of OWL2.

It appears meanwhile that Robert has also been building his own version.

Hopefully our efforts will see the start of some linked open data from CERN – I can dream :) I’ll write up this work when the ontology is complete. Meanwhile comments welcome (comments aside from “you need to get out more” that is).

[1] – best viewed in Protege 4.1


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